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Philadelphia, Pa 2015

There are things that have always been scary to me.  Traveling the country, sleeping in my car, sharing that journey with you that has never been hard, but sharing the intimacy that Nicole and I experience together, our private selves, its one of those things that scares the shit out of me.

Perhaps its allowing people to look at our relationship through a lens that we wouldn’t normally.  I don’t know.  I love these images.  I am intensely proud of them, but mostly intensely proud of us.  How we have grown together mentally and physically over years of spending time away from each other.  Sacrificing an intense amount of time together to our ambitions as artists.

Nicole is my creative partner, my side kick, my love.  The most special person in my life, and that means a lot of things.  It means we have an erotic life in addition to the romance we experience in so many things.  In coffee, in mornings spent far away, in the mirrors reflection.

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